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Finding Scholarly Sources

Getting to the Databases

Use the links on the GCM Library website to access the databases.  If you are not at school, you will need the passwords available in the GCM Library Blackboard course in the Databases button.

Search Tips

Use the browse feature available in many databases to help you focus on a topic.

Use Advanced Search options to limit your results to certain types of information or particular date ranges.

Search with a variety of terms including synonyms to get a variety of results.


To choose a current policy issue, take a look at this list or the Hot Topics section of the NewsBank database.

  • To find federal legislation on issues, take a look at the Congressional website.
  • To find state level legislation on issues, take a look at the National Conference of State Legislatures database.

For your first two political investigation research papers, use these sites to find trustworthy sources:

For your last political investigation research paper, use these databases to find scholarly sources to OPVCL:

  • Fairfax County Public Library’s EBSCO Host database
  • Fairfax County Public Library’s ProQuest database

For a complete list of GCM databases

For help with your research

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